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Business Technology & Server Support

The itGuardian for Business Technology service agreement is an alternative to maintaining your application software and servers on your own. This Service Agreement ensures your entire technology infrastructure is supported by a team of certified technology specialists, allowing you to focus on running your business.

itGuardian for Business Technology and Server Support

itGuardian for Business Technology gives you a combination of itgroove’s monitoring software and support from a team of knowledgeable technical staff.

The monitoring software is constantly watching, checking your servers and systems 24×7 for potential problems that could lead to outages – such as failed backups, virus detection, reliability issues, and other techy things.

The software alerts our team of certified, experienced staff to take action when required, and provide you with regular status updates on what’s happening.


What You Get

Our itGuardian for Business Technology service agreement includes the following as part of the server support package:

  • Managed services for ongoing support, operations, maintenance, and optimization of custom or commercial software applications and technology infrastructure.
  • Keeping apprised of the latest security risks so you don’t have to.
  • Identifying potential problems and recommending resolutions before they become major issues.
  • Monitoring servers for memory and hard drive issues.
  • Reporting on the health of your network and detailed inventory of hardware, software, and patch updates.
  • Notification of technology issues with 24 x 7 monitoring.
  • We work with you to establish service levels specific to your requirements.

Why Businesses Choose It

Helps prevent loss of data

Monitors daily backups for saving data and takes necessary action.

Anti-virus monitoring

Ensures antivirus protection is effectively protecting systems.

Detect Hardware & Software Issues

Detects hardware, software, and system issues for better reliability.

Save Money

Pre-emptive issue catching and regular patching to limit future problems.

Less Downtime, Better Performance

Keeps systems running smoothly and reliably with detection software.

Expertise and Knowledge

Technology partners ensuring systems are stable, managed effectively.

You’re Hiring a Team of Experts

No one person can know or do it all. With the itgroove team, there are multiple minds working collectively to solve a problem.

We’re Here When You’re Not

Watching servers and software means being prepared and thinking ahead.


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