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Change Management and Adoption

Once you have control of technical Change Management, it’s time to listen to your business users and help them evolve. Are you ready to discuss business processes with managers? Can you give your business users the coaching they need to build new habits?

Ask Us About:

  • Information Management training
  • SharePoint training

SharePoint Governance & Architecture

Most simply put governance is the right mix of people, process and technology. Who are the SharePoint champions in your lines of business? Do they have the rights and responsibilities they need to get the job done? What organizational structures do you need to manage your information? Is it time for a SharePoint renovations project?

Ask Us About:

  • Planning IM governance roadmaps
  • Information Architecture & Site Map design


Taxonomy work is the backbone of information management. How does your organization describe your people, resources and processes? How do your business users and stakeholders describe them? Do those descriptions match? Do your systems have the metadata they need? Can you leverage those metadata tags in search queries and results?

Ask Us About:

  • Assessing metadata across multiple content management applications
  • Developing taxonomies and controlled vocabularies

Search and Data Management

Good search results are the proof that your ECM/IM efforts are working. Are you happy with your search engine and results? Do you have the metrics you need to improve your search results? Do you have a plan for improving your search results? Can your people, processes and systems contribute to Big Data and Open Data initiatives? Are you able to surface the data you need in Business Intelligence applications and dashboards?

Ask Us About:

  • Optimizing SharePoint search
  • Surfacing data on dashboards
  • Planning data management projects

Records Management and Privacy

Compliance isn’t a business goal in and of itself. Compliance protects the personal information of your staff and clients, and ensures your organization has the knowledge it needs to make good business decisions. To meet your business goals, you need a good strategy and processes.

Ask Us About:

  • Health checks for eRM programs
  • Developing classification schemes
  • Analyzing systems privacy and security
  • Assistance with Digital Archival Strategies

Cloud Content Management

The cloud is the newest buzzword for the internet. The difference is that it’s bigger, faster, more reliable and secure than ever before.

Do you know how to pick a local, national or international cloud provider? Do you know what to look for and inquire about in a cloud agreement? Do you have a plan for encrypting sensitive information before transmitting it over the internet? Do you have the best Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and 2-Factor authentication on the market, and business users that love to send attachments via email?

Ask Us About:

  • Integrating content management systems with your risk management strategies
  • Assessments of cloud storage options
  • Training for business users on risk management and technology tools


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