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SkyKick Migration to Office 365 – Considerations for Office 2016

April 4, 2017


You are conducting an On Premises Exchange migration to Office 365 and you intend to upgrade to Office 2016

Review this information:

Outlook Assistant


Preferred migration plan:

  1. Create office 365 tenancy, add users and license them accordingly
  2. Install Office 2016 on each licensed users machine
  3. Plan the migration in SkyKick portal
  4. Kick off migration plan
  5. Password reception occurs, SKOA occurs, initial sync occurs
  6. Cutover – DNS changes made
  7. Autodiscover configure


Notes from the field:

As per SkyKick despite performing all necessary steps, in order and on time it is still not a guarantee that proper migration between Office 2007 (and later) and Office 2016 will work as expected.

One might still come across Temporary Mailbox Error issue. But they also have the ability (if 2016 has been installed on all clients prior to the migration kickoff) to generate a Profile Recreation from their end for any affected users.


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