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Using Business Intelligence and Clean Data to Ensure a Sustainable Business


The GSL Group is focused on maintaining facilities that are economically and environmentally sustainable. To ensure building resources are managed effectively and utilized conservatively, building engineers perform daily readings of each facility’s energy meters — to measure the amount of electricity, gas, and water used. The data is shared with the management team to empower the company to be mindful of their usage, to be aware of trends, to know when energy levels are higher than last year, and to identify ways to save money by reducing energy consumption.


The existing manual process was labour intensive and resource demanding, pulling the engineers and a team of Excel Power users in the Finance team away from more mission-critical duties. Each step of the process was also done by hand – from recording meter readings on paper to spotting missing data or errors as well as converting clean data into visual graphics. The resulting delay prevented Management from being able to analyze accurate information for anomalies in a timely manner.

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