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Welcoming Liam Workman to the itgroove Studios Team

August 3, 2017

itgroove welcomes Liam Workman to the Team

Victoria, BC – itgroove is proud to announce the hire of our first itgroove Studios developer, Liam Workman.

Liam’s background in writing, editing, sales, and customer service gives him a unique perspective when it comes to software development. Getting his start in web design, he quickly transitioned to modern C# and JavaScript, which led to his current position on the itgroove Studios team. A generalist, Liam is always looking to try out new technologies and languages.

Liam graduated from the University of Victoria with a BA in English, where he also taught himself to program in his spare time. Outside of monkeying with code, most of his time is spent hiking, kayaking, and petting dogs.

To learn more about Liam, check out Liam’s itgroove Team page, or his 99 Frameworks blog.

For more information, visit itgroove online at www.itgroove.net or call 250.220.4575.

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