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What’s New at itgroove – September 2017

October 18, 2017

In this month’s newsletter, we’re looking back at the month of September.

We worked with the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia to launch a new member of the Legislature’s family of web tools called the Consultations Portal. The portal allows citizens to engage with Committee Consultations and provide their input. Click here to see it for yourself, however (at the time that we write this) all existing consultations are closed. Please view our September 2017 video newsletter for more information and photos.

itgroove also continues to work extensively with LodgeLink to complete new phases of development on their web platform. LodgeLink takes the hassle out of finding a place for your people to stay in out-of-the-way locations by aggregating all available remote accommodations in one place, and providing you with the convenience of online booking.

Another highlight for us in September was Microsoft’s Ignite Conference in Orlando, Florida, which always includes the latest product announcements from Microsoft. Sean and Alec attended the September 2017 conference, and if you’d like to know what they learned while they were there, join us at our Office 365 Users Group on October 19th.

We also launched the website for our first itgroove Studios product, Project Compass. If you’re interested in trying out the preview, get in touch with us.


For more about these stories, watch the September 2017 video newsletter:


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