Business Class Wireless | Business Class Wireless

Are you operating a small business?

Is maintaining a professional appearance and experience for your business and its visitors important to you?


Transition Seamlessly to Better Office Wireless

We’ve taken the time to evaluate what the industry offers, chosen the best small to medium business platform, and invested in the skills necessary to deliver results. Here’s what the Business Class Wireless solution provides:

  • We can help you ensure that no matter where you are in your office or facility, you will have access to solid, reliable wireless internet.
  • A secure, fast guest network is provided for clients, partners and guests coming into your office.
  • The connection is personalized with your company branding so you will be able to tell your story and provide a glossy, polished experience to your guests while they connect.
  • We help you manage staff with BYOD (bring your own device) by providing a staff network that employees can connect to with their existing user credentials (if your configuration allows).


Our Process



What your guests would see when they connect:

View your wireless range easily with a heat map:

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