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Cloud Friendly and Office 365 Ready.
Get it working for you.

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Get "it" working for you.
Cloud Friendly. Office 365 Ready.

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itgroove \ ‚ī- ‚tē- ‘grüv \
n : to have fun with technology.
vb –itgroovin’ : doing IT with style.

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Doing the Right Thing,
and Doing That Thing Right.

Who We Are

Ten innovative Microsoft technology specialists who dig what we do, and have the credentials to back it up.

What We Do

When we're not helping our long-term clients get in the information technology groove, we act as a think tank to collectively craft solutions that make business technology work for our clients, and for us.

How We Do It

With a pride in the quality of our work and a dedication to delivering value. We do the right thing, do the thing right.