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Power Admin Server Monitor:

Why do you use and recommend PA Server Monitor?

February 7, 2017

Learn more about PA Server Monitor here.

Sean Wallbridge says:

For me, it is full control over how we configure/tune the settings for monitoring our clients’ systems. We keep a simple approach of focusing on the key problems to look for like available storage, services/servers up/down and unexpected spikes in CPU/RAM.

But where it really fits is WE run the systems. Hosted in Canada, for our Canadian customers that don’t want a SaaS solution based in the US. Additionally, because it doesn’t just alert via emails (boring, annoying), we are able to use service calls to speak directly to our key collaboration systems such as Yammer to ensure everyone is seeing AND discussing each matter as it comes up. Working out loud, managing our customers out loud. #magic #bestofbreed

Stephanie Kahlam says:

In addition to Sean’s response which I agree with entirely, PA Server monitor is also very light weight in terms of installation. It provides a Centralized Console for management, a desktop version where access can be configured by customized roles, a mobile version for iOS and Android devices, and an online portal for viewing alerts.

Bruce Smith says:

I like that it provides a web page with a visual summary of what the current server errors are. It helps me communicate with colleagues and clients without having to track down someone from the infrastructure team to figure out how to get to a server, log in and find the right event logs.

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