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What itgroove Does Well:

What are some reasons why you think we are successful, what we are particularly good at, or how we stand out?

April 13, 2017

We’ve been working hard, all based on a particular set of “Whys”, to point itgroove towards a fun, opportunistic future.

Kelly Marshall says:

We really do want to get it working for you.

We have some smart freaking people on the team. Amazing how quick we can solve issues when we put our brains together.

We bring business professional skill set (BA, PM, etc.) to every project we do. We do just enough of it to be successful, but not excessively – many companies overdo it and this dramatically increases the cost of the bill and the duration of the project.

Louis Warren says:

We are cutting edge and knowledgeable on future trends so we know what our clients will want before they do so we can point them in the right direction.

We put in the time required and are not shy about staying late or making sure the job get completed even if it means eating some of the time ourselves. There’s always someone available and ready to help so you never feel as if you don’t have backup and it makes our clients trust us even more knowing we have their backs.

Our billing and time records are consistent and clear. We don’t hide what we did under vague listings and we are always helpful and bend over backwards to accommodate customer requests when they have questions about their bills.

Stephanie Kahlam says:

We, the itgroove team, are a cornucopia of knowledge and expertise that compliment and support each other. This delivers the best professional service and experience to our clients.

We come to the office because we WANT to not because we HAVE to. We all really love what we do and who we do it with. This positively impacts our performance and our “Fun and Friendly” service delivery.

We adopt change as it happens, we “eat the dog food”, we strive to improve our internal practices in order to develop possible road maps for our clients. We just keep digging and moving forward which allows us to provide the latest and greatest options and strategies for our clients.

Plus, we are all a little (some more than others) nerdy and we love (most of us) Game of Thrones…

Bruce Smith says:

itgroove is successful because: it’s a fun place to work with a genuine ‘git er done’ culture, and an appetite to learn new stuff.

itgroove is good at: breaking projects down into boots on the ground sprints and getting stuff done for clients. And despite the fact that communication is always inherently hard, we’re pretty damn good at it and really try.

itgroove stands out by: having a diverse team of really smart folks that don’t just stamp out boiler plate corporate reports and products, and awesome social media presence.

Darren Jarvie says:

We gather requirements. We are good at it and do it efficiently. Once we know what the client is looking for we can start delivering on it right away. Lots of people comment that we just get it working when other take so long to just try and figure out what the client wants and burn so much time before building or fixing anything. We listen and then get it done.

We always deliver value. I have said it so many times to new clients and prospects. We charge more than a lot of other shops but we are smart and experienced and get the job done. You only pay for the time we spend on your infrastructure. Someone else can charge half of what we do but take 4 times as long to get it done and even then may not give the client what they actually need/want or follow best practices.

We give a crap. I really think this is true and I think it shows in the work we do. We are proactive, offer suggestions of what we truly feel will benefit the clients. We follow up and we are always appreciative to clients for their business. We are real business partners with our customers and care about their business succeeding.

We tell the truth. If we make a mistake we own it and make it right. This really builds trust and shows our clients we have integrity. This is personally an important thing for me and makes me fell good about our business. I can walk around this small town and hold my head high knowing we are an upstanding, honest and ethical company. I have never been afraid to wear my branded clothing anywhere. I am proud of where I work and the team I work with.

Matt Longpre says:

We create great relationships with our customers. We treat them as partners and collaborators, and we make folks feel at ease by poking fun at ourselves and keeping project work fun and friendly.

We’re flexible. We’ll take on projects that might be a bit beyond our comfort zone but we learn on the fly and challenge ourselves, which opens doors to more varied projects down the line.

We have great communication with each other and we’re all willing to pause what we’re doing to help someone else move their project along. This means we all get exposed to things we may not see otherwise, and we all keep learning new skills.

Karin Skapski says:

We are honest with our clients and ourselves. This goes a long way. When you hire someone to do a job that you personally can’t do or understand (e.g. bringing your car to a mechanic) you really have to have faith that they will do the right thing and be honest. I think that because we are honest, even when it’s tough, clients build trust with us quickly. Because we are honest with ourselves internally, mistakes are shared as learning experiences. No one tries to hide or sweep anything under the rug because we have a culture that as long as you “own it” and analyze without blame, it’s okay to make the odd mistake.

We are relatable and friendly. We are happy to work here because we care about what we do, and it shows in our work. We are not the stereotypical nerdy “IT guy”. We are not stuffy, we are casual and cool. We do not talk down to our clients or act condescending in any way. Our clients love chatting with us and are grateful that we’re happy to help them. Take a look around and notice how much laughter you hear on the phone some days, it’s a great thing.

There is an emphasis on learning. Whether it’s learning how to do something for a client, taking the time to watch a Lynda training video, or having a co-worker mentor another, we value learning. The focus on self improvement rather than just being billable creates both happy and knowledgeable consultants. We’re agile and always open minded to new technologies.

Employees are treated well. From lunch and learns to our desk setups to making sure we take time to learn to keeping technology around the office current, the team is valued. We do special, fun stuff as a team. We’re encouraged to communicate and speak our minds, and treated as equals rather than underlings. I guess I touched on this bit in my earlier points, but when people are happy to come to work and truly care about the company and the cause, they do better work.

Noel Feliciano says:

We’ve got a team that not only knows their stuff, but knows their stuff in different areas. Even as a small team, we’re able to fill in each other’s knowledge gaps and enable each other to work at their best because of the different expertise of each person. And when gaps need filling, someone’s typically willing to step up and grab some knowledge to share around.

We cultivate a close relationship with our clients, at least from my experience. As much as possible, we are proactive in providing updates and raising flags, we don’t hesitate to clarify requirements and needs, and we communicate at a reasonable level. We also strive to be honest when discussing timelines, scope, or issues.

We have a workplace that’s enjoyable to come into everyday. Not just being in Victoria and having parking in the stadium, but also the people are friendly, willing to have fun, poke at each other, and open to talking.

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