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Tips for Opening Notebooks in OneNote

January 14, 2017

Discovered something neat that I didn’t know before when re-opening a stack of Notebooks in OneNote 2016 that I had opened before, but closed a couple months ago when delivering a demo (and never got around to reopening).

Did you know that OneNote 2016 remembers the Display Name and Notebook colour you setup in the Notebook properties? Neat!

For example, I have a notebook with the filename “Life”. When I reopened the Notebook in OneNote 2016, the program remembered I had changed the Display Name to “Life Research”. It also remembered I had set the Notebook colour to lime green.

This could be confusing for beginners so a good tidbit to share with them.

In OneNote 2016 you can only open one Notebook at a time.

A new feature that appeared for me in the OneNote Windows 10 App today (OneNote Version 17.7766.57671.0) is the ability to open multiple notebooks at once! See:


You can use checkboxes to select a handful (or all) the notebooks and open them with one click of the Open Notebooks button.


My smaller text-heavy notebooks synced within seconds. My image-heavy notebooks that are jam packed with screenshots are taking their time to sync, but honestly, doesn’t appear to be faster or slower than when I open Notebooks one by one in OneNote 2016.

At the end of the day I am stoked as the number of clicks I no longer have to make – especially fiddling around with the Hamburger button to show the Navigation and scrolling down to the More Notebooks button.

Great, time-saving new feature for the App. 🙂

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