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Is Everything in Microsoft Office 365 Stored in Canadian Data Centres?

May 5, 2017

I was recently asked a question by a Canadian Windows Insider who wanted to know

“Is Microsoft Office 365 fully available on Canadian servers now?”

(IMO – the things that matter in Office 365 are stored in Canada – Exchange email and SharePoint websites.)


The official answer is: No. Everything in Office 365 is not stored within Canada in Canadian data centres. (as of May 5, 2017)

Why: The following Office 365 services still use the United States data centres as the location to store customer data at rest:

  • Sway
  • Yammer
  • Planner

(Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing are also still stored in the USA as well.)

How Did I Know?

I checked the Microsoft Office 365 Data Center Map website that helps users answer the question “Where is my data?”

These interactive data maps provide specific geographic details about where customer data is stored in Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365.




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