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How to Insert an Image Map into Your SharePoint Web Page

August 20, 2014

First, are you ready to insert an Image Map into your SharePoint web page? Do you have a graphic? No? Follow the instructions here: How to Convert a Smart Art Object into a Graphic Yes?  Carry on. Have you created a piece of code that will convert that graphic into a clickable graphic using Image Read More

How to Convert a Smart Art Object into a Graphic

August 20, 2014

I like to wax poetic on the benefits of creating a SharePoint site map using Smart Art in Microsoft Office. Users like colourful, visually appealing diagrams especially when they are interactive (such as graphics with clickable hotspots created with a tool like Image-Maps – check out my instructions here!) I recently shared this information with a client without providing Read More

How to Create Clickable Graphics With Image Maps Without a Subscription

August 20, 2014

Recently a client asked: “Do you know if there is a way around having to register with Do they have a free version that you are aware of?” Fortunately, there is a way to create functioning Image Maps with no account required.This workaround adds seven extra steps to the process so it’s up to you to Read More

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